our Mission

Our mission is to dramatically improve the bottom-line result of every employee benefits plan that we offer to every client.

Through our unique approach and innovative offerings, we  provide a more proactive delivery of services and solutions that improve the Health and Welfare as well as Retirement & 401(K) benefits offered by the employers that partner with us.

We provide complete Employee Benefits Brokerage Advisory and Consulting Services in the following locations in addition to Third Party Administrative and 401(K) Retirement and Consulting Services for our clients throughout the United States.















We understand that what really matters most to employers is having an employee benefits program that is competitive, cost-controlled, completely  compliant and communicated efficiently & effectively.  Our approach involves an in-depth evaluation of your plans, claims costs, processes, technology  platforms and personnel considerations which we develop into a multi-year  strategy that addresses your immediate and long-term goals.



We understand your need to have a competitive offering which is why we provide innovative plan  design options that help employers to improve the cost-to-coverage value of their benefits. Our  competitive options provide much lower deductible and out-of-pocket costs to employees without  increasing your premium costs.

Cost Controlled

We construct innovative cost control solutions through partially self-funding, value-based pricing and  deductible cost shifts that don’t diminish the quality of care or benefit value to employees while  lowering the actual unit cost of claims. Additionally, we evaluate your claims data monthly and deliver forecastable reports to facilitate data driven discussions as we continually monitor and modify specific cost mitigation options to sustain your Employee Benefits Program.

Those options include Targeted Disease Management solutions and Comprehensive Wellness Engagement Programs.



We take your ongoing compliance very seriously.  We provide an initial review to identify any non-compliant issues related to ERISA, COBRA, HIPPA, PPACA, FMLA, etc.  Then, through our Proprietary Compliance Navigator, we map-out and schedule all reporting, communication and measuring requirements in advance and in partnership with your HR Department to ensure complete compliance.


We believe that providing employers with an efficient and effective conduit of communication is vital  to the success of every benefits program.

We offer technology solutions that manage On-Line Open  Enrollment, Eligibility, On-going (adds/terms/deletes, etc.) and includes 1094 /1095 ACA reporting.  We internally manage and provide hands on assistance of our robust technology platforms significantly reducing the workload associated with  administering your employee benefits program.

Our platforms feed directly to integrated carriers, payroll vendors and COBRA  service providers with one single entry.

Additionally we provide customized multi-media employee communication deliverables for open enrollment, wellness engagement and our top-rated employee assistance programs.  We help your employees to more clearly understand their benefits while enabling them to easily access the assistance they need and empowering them to be smarter patients and better healthcare consumers.

The power of PLANning


We know that the cost of of providing a competitive employee benefits program is one of the top expenses companies incur each year.  We believe that creating a better bottom-line result is accomplished through a strategic planning process followed by effective implementation and ongoing evaluation.  Our strategic planning process begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current benefits program.  Then, as we work with you to design your strategic plan, we put into action our Annual Client Service Commitment where each component and the specific deliverables are mapped out to provide both strategic and tactical service solutions to manage your day-to-day requirements while advancing your long-term objectives.







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