Benefits for Companies & Corporations...

Dorado Benefit Advisors offers companies a unique strategic planning process specifically designed for each employer to dramatically improve the performance of thier employee benefits programs.

Every member of our client service teams are well experienced benefits professionals that proactively work to deliver the confirmed objectives of each clients’ strategic benefits plan.

We provide innovative benefit solutions, data driven funding options and monthly claims management.  Through our stop-loss purchasing analysis, phamacy benefit management audits and negotiated contract revisions along with the protected referenced based claims solutions, we have delivered millions of dollars in savings for our clients.

Our complete compliance commitment and customized communications capabilities are unparalleled and sure to produce better-bottom line results.



Benefits for Associations & Consortiums...

Dorado Benefit Advisors specializes in the development and administration of employee benefits programs for associations and industry specific consortiums and affinity groups.

We work with organizational leadership to enhance their membership value by offering more cost effective and competitive options for individuals and groups that make up their membership.

We provide fully insured, self-funded captives, trust options and medical cost share plans.

Download BSCAI’s MDLive info.

Download info on America’s Benefits Consortium (3) Plans.




benefits for Government Contractors...

Dorado Benefit Advisors specializes in assisting Government Contractors to provide best-in-class compliance and administrative solutions to maximize their profitability along with increasing their ability to win more contracts.

We have a proven process and preferred underwriting products to help employers maximize the full H&W fringe requirement per employee per contract.

Our administrative partnerships guarantee full compliance with all agencies and indemnify each client with DOL specific audits.

Our in lieu of cash solutions have saved contractors millions in payroll taxes and workers compensation premiums giving contractors that work with us a lower job cost equation helping them to win more profitable contracts while offering more competitive benefits.







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